General information

Under the auspices
of the Marshal of the Mazovian Voivodeship Mr Adam Struzik
and the Mayor of the Warsaw Central District Mr Wojciech Bartelski

Warsaw, 18-26 July 2009


A – round-robin GM
B – Open for players with Elo>2000
C – Open for players with Elo<2000
D – Tournament of chess prodigies (born 1999 and later)

1. Organizers

Warsaw Chess Foundation, Mazovian Chess Federation, "Polonia" Warsaw Chess Club

2. Co-organizers

Municipality of the Warsaw Central District, Marshal's Office of the Mazovian Voivodeship, Warsaw Centre of Sports and Recreation

3. Festival Director

Maria Macieja, e-mail: , mobile: +48-603-391-318
Deputy Festival Director: Jarosław Kowalewski, mobile: +48-694-146-194

4. Chief Arbiter

International Arbiter Paweł Suwarski

5. On-line transmission service

dr Michał Rudolf

6. Websites

7. Date and venue

The tournaments will take place in the Warsaw Sports and Recreation Centre at ul.Polna 7a in Warsaw (city centre)


Friday17.07.20095.00 pmArrival
Saturday18.07.20095.00 pmOpening ceremony and 1st round
Sunday19.07.20095.00 pm2nd round
Monday20.07.20095.00 pm3rd round
Tuesday21.07.20095.00 pm4th round
Wednesday22.07.20095.00 pm5th round
Thursday23.07.20095.00 pm6th round
Friday24.07.20095.00 pm7th round
Saturday25.07.20095.00 pm8th round
Sunday26.07.200910.00 am9th round (A and B tournaments)
  12.00 pm9th round (C and D tournaments)
  4.00 pmClosing ceremony

8. Tournament groups and entry fees

Tournament A is for personally invited players.

Tournament is a part of the ACP Tour.

Tournament B is open for players rated 2000 (Elo) and higher, with GM and IM norms available.
Entry fee: 130 PLN

Tournament C is open for players rated below 2000.
Entry fee: 100 PLN
A, B and C tournaments will be Elo rated.

Tournament D (chess prodigies) is open for players born 1999 and later.
Entry fee: 50 PLN

9. System of Play

Tournament A is a round-robin tournament, 9 rounds.
Tournaments B, C and D: Swiss system, 9 rounds

Time rate:
Group A: 90 min for 40 moves + 30 min for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move 1.
Group B: 90 min for the game, with an increment of 30 sec per move.
Group C: 90 min for the game (no increment).
Group D: 60 min for the game.

10. Prizes

Tournament A: prizes and appearance fees negotiated with the players;
Tournament B: total prize fund 32 200 PLN (gross)
Tournament C: total prize fund 3 800 PLN (gross)
Tournament D: item prizes
Item prizes in the Festival: 50 items of total value 5 000 PLN

Tournament B: money prizes (32 200 PLN total) + 10 item prizes:

1st place8000 PLN
2nd place4500 PLN
3rd place3500 PLN
4th place2500 PLN
5th place2000 PLN
6th place1500 PLN
7th place1200 PLN
8th place1100 PLN
9th place1000 PLN
10th place900 PLN
11th place750 PLN
12th place650 PLN
13th place550 PLN
14th place500 PLN
Special prizes 
the best woman750 PLN
2nd woman400 PLN
the best player born 1949 or earlier400 PLN
the best player born 1991 or later400 PLN
the best girl born 1991 or later400 PLN
the best player with rating <= 2200400 PLN
the best player with rating <= 2300400 PLN
the best player with rating <= 2400400 PLN

Item prizes (10 prizes founded by the Warsaw Central District)

Tournament C:
money prizes (3 800 PLN total) + 20 item prizes:

1st place750 PLN
2nd place550 PLN
3rd place450 PLN
4th place350 PLN
5th place300 PLN
6th place200 PLN
Special prizes 
the best woman300 PLN
the best player born 1949 or earlier300 PLN
the best player with rating <= 1600200 PLN
the best player with rating <= 1400200 PLN
the best player with rating <= 1200200 PLN

Item prizes (20 prizes founded by the Warsaw Central District)

Tournament D:
item prizes for all children.


Prizes are not divided.

Not more than 2 prizes can be given to a player. If he wins more prizes, he receives the 2 highest. If the value of the prizes is equal, the player receives (if applicable) prizes in the following order:

All prizes are shown before taxes, the income tax of 10% will be deducted. According to the Polish law all prizes below 760 PLN are free of taxation.

11. Applications and fees:

Applications should be submitted to:
a) chief arbiter: Paweł Suwarski by e-mail:
b) Warsaw Chess Foundation:
- office, Monday - Friday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
- by fax: 022 887 67 06

ATTENTION! Applications and entry fees should be sent by 30th June 2009.
For applications submitted later, the entry fees rise by 50 PLN.


12. Verification

The list of the participants will be regularly updated and published on the website, and the final list will be posted up for the verification by the players on 18th of July 2009 in the playing hall at 4 pm.

13. Special Conditions

14. Hotels

The Organizer offers accommodation in the House of Students "Riviera" (100 m from the playing venue) in studio-type rooms (room + bathroom + kitchen annexe + room) from 17.07.2009 till 26.07.2009. Prices of accommodation and meals will be given in a separate information note.

15. Insurance

The players have to insure themselves for health and accident risk.

16. Final notices


Tournament Director
Maria Macieja

Deputy Tournament Director
Jarosław Kowalewski